Solar Rising

Now more than ever the world is starting to realize that someday we will run low on crude oil supplies. But those limited supplies will be needed to provide the Beneficial Electrification required to run our countries. Those fuels will be needed to operate the power plants that our electrical CO-OPs use to power our homes.

This has spurred the rise of Solar and Geothermal installations in the United States. Many more manufacturers of Solar Electric panels brought down the costs associated with the products. This makes it more attractive to consumers and coupled with Federal tax credits, state and local rebates have spurred the growth of Solar.

This Beneficial Electrification movement has also created new industries and job growth as was recently seen by some of the major car manufacturers introducing electric vehicles. These companies are jumping on the solar/electric bandwagon that Tesla has been a leading pioneer in for several years.

Now more than ever, there are tons of options for providing solar power in your home or business. If you’ve ever considered solar power, now is a great time to research it and find an option that will save you money and keep the power on in your building more matter what is going on in the world.